Elena Saraceni in They Say Magazine

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Elena Saraceni:

Amish Gone Bad

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By Megan Burn for They Say Magazine

Amish clothing is steeped in tradition, an expression of their religious beliefs and the importance of humility, simplicity and non-conformity. Designed to avoid accentuating physical attributes Amish clothing makes for the most interesting inspiration, we’ve seen a designer use here at They Say. The talented Elena Saraceni expertly mixes Amish tradition and biker non-conformity in her newest collection ‘The Amish Outlaw’ and her innovation has earned her a place among the ranks of visionary designers in the celebrated MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Award. We interviewed Elena to find out more about her fashion background at the likes of Alexander McQueen, her love of artisan Amish quilts and how she went about mixing good girl with biker chic.